One Month Left.

One Month Left.

It has almost been a year. A year of no sugar. No added sugar, no maple syrup, no honey, no nothing. It’s funny the different reactions I get when people how close I am to a year without sugar. Some people ask, “what is your first sugary food going to be? Are you going to just gorge on it, you’ll feel sick, but it will be so yummy!” Others act shocked when I say, “I can eat sugar again in September.” I get a few “OMG, but you aren’t going to right?! You aren’t going back to eating sugar! Are you?”

Well no… and yes?

There weren’t many times I actually felt deprived of sugar during the year. Maybe I’m just in denial about it. It actually felt empowering to say no to something I was so strongly addicted to. Christmas was definitely the worst. It wasn’t just one meal of saying no to dessert, but it felt like a whole month of saying no to everything yummy in the world. You know what though? I survived. I’m still standing.

At the risk of sounding horribly cliché… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


When I scroll through Instagram and daydream about donuts, ice cream and all the sweet things I can eat again in one month from today – I know that realistically – I don’t want to go back, I’ve come a long way.

Let’s get things straight though, I’m not saying I won’t ever have sugar, but I don’t want to make it a daily habit again. Although it seems like all of our food is “fortified” with hefty doses of sugar, sugar is not actually an essential nutrient. My body took it’s time learning what my brain already knew – that I don’t actually need it to get through the day.

Look forward to my post on everything I learned this year without sugar, until then stay healthy my friends!