People often tell me they don’t have time to cook, don’t know how to cook, or hate cooking. I completely understand and at one time shared this sentiment, but I truly believe that health starts in your kitchen. In your own home you can control the foods you buy, how the food is prepared and how much food is served.

Most of us have become accustom to eating out several times during the week. It may seem more convenient, but you are handing over control of your health to the teenager making minimum wage in the kitchen. Do you really think he cares about your health goals?

I want you to all challenge yourself to cooking more at home. It doesn’t matter if you are cooking for 1, 2, 5 or 20, you’ll be saving money and eating healthier when you make your own food.

For the longest time my idea of cooking was; take frozen food out of box and place in oven. It was a slow process, but now I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, I just crank up the music and get into the groove!

A couple tips for people just starting out:


Dig out your cookbooks, or do a quick search for a healthier version of a dish you’ve been craving and commit to trying one new recipe a week. Don’t try to go overboard and do a new recipe every day, you’re likely to burn yourself out in the kitchen and that will leave a bad taste in your mouth… trust me, I’ve been there.

Pick a simple recipe. Save the overly complicated or expensive recipes for when you’ve gotten used to being in the kitchen. I still end up with some pretty impressive kitchen fails after years of cooking and it never feels good. Start small and simple.

Make it a family event. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your kids cooking and helping out in the kitchen. Teaching kids how to cook and how to eat properly is giving them a leg up and setting them up for success in life.

“Eat all the Junk Food you want as long as you cook it yourself.” -Michael Pollan, Food Rules

I really like this quote. In Food Rules, Michael Pollan explains that foods that used to be occasional treats are now cheap and available everywhere. You don’t even have to get out of your car these days to get french fries. However, if you only eat junk food you make at home, the next time you want french fries you need to scrub some potatoes, chop them up, fry them up, get rid of the oil and of course clean up all the oil splatter and then try to get the smell of oil out of your house! None of this is impossible, but you will likely only go through the effort maybe once a month, and that is probably about how often you should be eating treats like this. It is important for us to have that connection with our food and understand the actual effort and energy that is involved in making food.

I will leave it at that for today. Your mission this week: find a new simple recipe to try and get your husband, wife, kids to help you make it!

If you are feeling completely lost in kitchen, contact me and we can set up a cooking date or discuss my meal preparation services.

Leave me a comment below, what did you make this week?

Yours in Awesomeness,