Wow, it’s already February 8th! As soon as February hits, I like to check in on how my New Year’s resolutions are going.

I used to make my resolutions in January and not think about them again until December rolled around, feel bad about myself,  and then start making the same list of resolutions over again… seems pretty pointless, doesn’t it?

If you earnestly want to find your inner awesome, you need to check in with yourself on a regular basis (daily/weekly/monthly) and be honest with yourself about how things are going. If January got away from you (I’ll admit – it did for me) shrug it off. Life happens; start fresh today., written by Joel Runyon, is one of my favourite websites. It inspires me to think outside of the realm of ‘possible’ and push myself to do the impossible. I seriously get excited whenever I get an email from Joel because I know it will be a good one!

Towards the end of January Joel wrote a post about Wolverine (from X-men, not the animal) and it demonstrates perfectly the time, effort and most importantly the mind-set that is required to achieve your goals.

Everyone has a different idea of what their awesome is:
an endurance athlete,
a weightlifting champ,
starting a business,
changing careers,
being the best parent/grandparent/sister/brother/friend/person you can be!

In order to achieve these goals, you need to consider which day-to-day activities will get you there. Goal setting isn’t about saying “I’m going to lose 30 pounds.” and then getting upset at the end of the week because you haven’t lost the weight. It’s about setting realistic daily goals that will compound over time and get you where you want to go. You didn’t gain 30 pounds overnight and you aren’t going to lose it overnight either!

Take 10 minutes today and make a quick list of daily/weekly activities that you need to do to find your awesome. You can’t become an athlete if you don’t train! Keep your list in mind as you read through Joel’s post here.

Revamp your resolutions if you need to, or just fill in the details to make them more achievable, then ACT. Don’t be that person that says you’re going to do awesome things and never follows through, just DO them. You’ll surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

Leave a comment below – what daily activity are you going to start today to reach your goals? If you are having trouble finding your inner awesome, send me an email and together we can set up a game plan!

Yours in health,