I know I’m going to have good and bad days, but to be honest, this past week wasn’t really that bad. I spent some time Monday night pre-making egg muffins for breakfast and every Sunday I make out a meal plan before groceries so everything was all set for the week. Things don’t always go according to plan – instead of fish on Thursday, my husband and I were craving junk food and made some delicious nachos. Who says no sugar has to be meat and veggies all the time? Unfortunately, I love cheese, but it really doesn’t seem to like me so I need to keep those kind of meals to a minimum… oh unrequited love…

This past weekend I went to the Canadian Health Food Association in Toronto with my co-workers to learn some new stuff and see what is going on in the world of health foods and supplements. As far as meals went, I was pretty happy that I was able to avoid sugar at restaurants without much of a problem! It was the trade show that proved to be a little more difficult… Nearly every booth had samples and people looked personally offended when I said no thanks to the sugary ones, which made it that much harder to say no. I absolutely hate making a fuss about things, especially about food. Perhaps this stems from when I was a vegetarian and everyone felt like they had to walk on eggshells and not to mention beef or chicken to me?

Totally met Bob from Bob's Red Mill!

Totally met Bob from Bob’s Red Mill!

So there were a few samplings I must confess were sugar-ful…and more of a I forgot to ask because they looked delicious, hello cold-brew coffee and veggie pesto flatbread… but I am very proud of myself for not saying ‘screw it’ and having a beer in the beer garden (it was literally a real life garden with plants and trees that they brought into the convention centre) – because I definitely had that thought cross my mind a few times. I feel like I deserve a trophy for saying no to Zazubean’s new holiday flavours and walking by the cookies and desserts without thinking twice! I feel like I’m still recovering, not sure if it’s the early morning and late nights, or the bits of sugar that snuck in, but I am still exhausted! Oh well, nothing a little wheatgrass and coffee can’t cure right?

With a new week, comes a new challenge. The first two weeks I was jamming as many veggies in to my face as I could because I knew that was the safe bet against sugar – but lately I’ve been finding little cheats and ways around eating more veggies. Especially working in a health food store I’ve been able to find substitute foods without sugar, although these are great once-and-a-while treats, I really don’t want to start replacing the foods I’m intending to cut out of my diet with sugar free replacements. SO – starting today I am doing the official 21 Day Sugar Detox using Dianne Sanfilippo’s book and cookbook. The recipes and meal plans are whole food, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and paleo-friendly. This will help to push me back outside of my comfort zone.

I’m also currently working on some answers for some frequently asked questions I’ve been getting about my year of no sugar. If there is anything you are wondering, please post in the comment section or on my Facebook page!

Yours in awesomeness,