The Best Laid Plans

On tough days, I think that I just jumped into this no sugar year without enough thought. I’m the type of person that tends to think, plan, research, ask advice, think some more and eventually get to the point where it feels like I’ve done enough and don’t ever end up executing. This is definitely something I strive everyday to change and days like today, I’m actually proud of myself for pulling the trigger.

I found this old journal entry today while procrastinating today,  it was from April 2012:

I had been toying with the idea of eliminating sugar from my diet, but I knew it would be hard, so I hadn’t made any attempts to do so. One Friday afternoon after lunching on a bread-ful sub and a giant container of sugar-laden rootbeer I sat at my desk feeling like death warmed over.


I felt dizzy, tired, dry-mouthed and a little bit nauseous. Normally I would just blame these feelings on my job and how ancy I was to get home on a Friday afternoon, but after learning all about the truths behind sugar at school I knew better…I knew now was better than ever to kick the habit.


Of course the first thought I have after making this decision was that I have to finish the ice cream at home first…  This is going to be tough.

This entry was four years old. It took me four years to pull the trigger, but I am incredibly glad I did. I honestly can’t remember the last time I sat at my desk after lunch feeling “dizzy, tired, dry-mouthed and a little bit nauseous” from eating a crappy lunch. Honestly, if you’ve ever had to work through an impending sugar coma at a desk job, you’ll understand how awesome it is to not feel that way!

Stay healthy my friends!